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Icelandic sheep are an ancient breed taken to Iceland by the Vikings over 1,000 years ago. The first imports to the United Kingdom were in the early 1980’s. These sheep have a  unique double fleece comprising a soft under fleece and a more hairy top fleece. icelandic yarnsThe fleeces are a variety of browns, greys, cream, and black, with some fleeces containing various shades and colours.

Our Icelandic wool produces warm cosy knitwear and the knit as Aran yarn is particularly robust and suitable for outdoor wear. The marl yarns are different coloured fleeces plied together.

  • Icelandic Yarn- knit as Aran
  • 100g skein - £5.10
  • 50g ball - £3.05
    zoomClick on image for larger view.
Icelandic Aran yarn, brown
Icelandic Aran wool, brown
  icelandic aran yarn cream Icelandic Aran yarn, grey Icelandic Aran yarn, chocolate
  Icelandic Aran wool, cream Icelandic Aran wool, grey Icelandic Aran wool, chocolate
  Aran cream / brown marl Aran grey / brown marl Aran brown / cream marl
  Icelandic Aran cream / brown marl Icelandic Aran grey / brown marl Icelandic Aran brown / cream marl

  • Icelandic Yarn - knit as DK (double knitting)
  • 100g skein - £5.50
  • 50g ball - £3.25
    zoomClick on image for larger view.
icelandic DK yarncream
Icelandic DK, cream

  • Icelandic Yarn - knits as 4 ply
  • 100g skein - £5.80
  • 50g ball - £3.40
    zoomClick on image for larger view.
Icelandic 4 ply yarn, cream Icelandic 4 ply yarn, pale grey
Icelandic 4 ply wool, cream Icelandic 4 ply wool, pale grey

Yarns are sold in skeins to keep the price low. If you require the 100g skeins balled up, we are pleased to offer this service for an extra 25p per skein.

Prices include VAT. Postage and Packing extra, please enquire.
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